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Gazpromneft Diesel Ultra LA 10W-40

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Technical specifications / Classifications:
  • SAE: 10W-40
  • API: CI-4
  • ACEA: E6/E7/E9
Specifications and approvals:
  • MTU Cat.3.1
  • Deutz DQC IV-LA
  • Cummins CES 20076
  • Cummins CES 20077
  • JASO DH-2
  • MB 228.51
  • MAN M 3477
  • MAN M 3271-1
  • Mack EO-N
  • Volvo VDS-3
  • Renault Trucks RLD-2

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All-season universal fully synthetic motor oil developed using Low SAPS technology, which provides maximum protection for systems to reduce the toxicity of exhaust gases, including diesel particulate filters (DPF). Gazpromneft Diesel Ultra LA 10W-40 belongs to the UHPD (Ultra High Performance Diesel) class and is designed for highly boosted diesel engines with turbochargers from European and other manufacturers of environmental class Euro-5 and Euro-6.

  • Low SAPS technology - Reduced content of sulfate ash, sulfur and phosphorus in the oil. Preserves the service life of the exhaust gas neutralization systems.
  • Improved viscosity stability - Maintains a reliable oil film during operation. Reduces the cost of unplanned downtime.
  • Improved stability of low temperature properties - Provides good pumping during the entire oil change interval. Reduces unplanned stays in the winter.
  • High stability against oxidation - Reduces the formation of deposits in the cylinder-piston group. Reduces the cost of parts.
  • Reliable wear protection - Provides effective lubrication in the heaviest loaded engine components. Preserves the service life of engine parts.

  • For road equipment (commercial trucks, buses, etc.) and off-road equipment (mining, agricultural, etc.) of European and other manufacturers.
  • Designed for highly boosted turbocharged diesel engines from environmental class to Euro-5, Euro-6, where the required service classification ACEA E6, E9.q
  • Compatible with all modern systems for reducing the toxicity of exhaust gases SCR, EGR, DPF.
  • Applicable in compressed natural gas (CNG-methane) engines.

Typical characteristics Method Gazpromneft Diesel Ultra LA 10W-40
Kinematic Viscosity
- at 100 °С, mm²/s
- at 40 °С, mm²/s

ASTM D 445
ASTM D 445

Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270 155
Flash Point (COC), °С ASTM D 92 254
Pour Point, °С ГОСТ 20287 -37
Total Base Number, mg KOH/g ASTM D 2896 10.2
Sulfated Ash, wt% ASTM D 874 1.0
- at 20 °С, g/cm³

ASTM D 4052