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Gazpromneft EP-3

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Multi-purpose waterproof grease with anti-wear properties based on mineral oil thickened with lithium soap with 12-oxystearic acid, containing a highly effective package of additives. It is used in various friction units of wheeled and tracked vehicles, in most types of industrial equipment, as well as in equipment operating at high impact loads and specific pressures. Operating temperature range from -40 to +130 °C, short-term maintenance performance at temperatures up to +150 °C.

  • It has high anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.
  • Retains its consistency, chemical and mechanical stability under various loads and operating temperatures.
  • Well withstands the effects of water.
  • Provides excellent protection of lubricated parts, prevents all types of wear.
  • Retains its consistency and lubricity at high and low temperatures.
  • It adheres firmly to lubricated surfaces.

Typical characteristics Method Gazpromneft EP-3
Meets the standard DIN 51502 KP 3 K-40
Droplet temperature, °С ГОСТ 6793 200
Penetration at 25 °С with admixture, 10-1 mm ГОСТ 5346 240
- Pa*s, at -20 °С and average deformation rate gradient 10 s-1

ГОСТ 7163

Displacement strength limit, Pa
- at 50 °С

ГОСТ 7143

Colloidal stability of separated oil
- stability, %

ГОСТ 7142

Tribological characteristics, Four-Ball Method
- Weld point, N

ГОСТ 9490