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Gazpromneft Moto 2T

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Gazpromneft Moto 2T is an engine oil designed for use in vehicles with two-stroke gasoline engines (motorcycles, mopeds, snowmobiles), garden equipment (mowers, cultivators, generators, motor pumps, snow blowers) and hand tools. Thanks to the use of a base for deep cleaning and a low-ash additive package, the oil has high anti-wear properties and protects the engine and exhaust system from ash and carbon deposits.

  • Reduces the formation of deposition in the engine and the exhaust system due to the high efficiency of the incineration.
  • Stable ignition system operation, protects engine parts from overheating and wear due to low ash content.
  • Reduces deposits due to the detergent properties of the oil.
  • Fast preparation of the fuel oil mixture due to the high solubility of the oil in gasoline.
  • Protecting the environment and the health of the operator by reducing the exhaust smoke.

  • Vehicles, garden equipment and hand motor tools equipped with two-stroke gasoline engines.
  • Two-stroke gasoline engines with and without automatic oil feeding system requiring motor oils of JASO FB, ISO-L-EGB.

Typical characteristics Method Gazpromneft Moto 2T
Kinematic Viscosity
- at 100 °С, mm²/s

ASTM D 445

Pour Point, °С ГОСТ 20287 -20
Sulfated Ash, wt% ГОСТ 12417 0.06
- at 20 °С, kg/m³

ASTM D 4052

Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270 93
Flash Point (COC), °С ASTM D 92 220