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G-Energy oils are being tested for the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia

For the sixth time, Gazpromneft-SM will be the technical partner of the legendary Dakar car marathon. The company will provide the MAZ-SPORTauto team with G-Energy engine and transmission oils, as well as provide the necessary technical support in the selection and diagnosis of lubricants throughout the rally.

G-Energy's premium oils are designed to provide maximum engine protection against wear and deposits and to maintain performance even at maximum loads. The formulations take into account the requirements of the largest European, American and Japanese car manufacturers and are tested in real extreme conditions.

Gazpromneft-SM produces about 50 types of G-Energy motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines, including a specialized line of 100% G-Energy Racing synthetic oils designed for professional racing cars and sports cars. During the race the team will be accompanied by a mobile laboratory, whose specialists at the end of each special stage will check the effectiveness of lubricants in the units of "combat" vehicles.

During the service shutdown, oil samples will be taken and tested for more than 20 parameters. The research results will be additionally used for the development and production of new oil formulations. Also, thanks to the equipment of a mobile laboratory complex - viscometer, infrared and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers - express diagnostics of engines and transmissions of sports cars in the field will be performed. Specialists will be able to determine the condition of the components and installations according to the dynamics of changes in the physico-chemical parameters of the lubricants operating in racing conditions. This approach will reduce the likelihood of unplanned repairs during the passage of the special stages and pre-plan the work plan of the mechanics for the next stages.

Alexander Truhan, CEO of Gazpromneft-SM, said: “Direct cooperation with the largest automotive manufacturers and participation in the most difficult international competitions allow us to receive real-time feedback from pilots, mechanics and engineers. We are guided by the data obtained in the development of new types of motor, transmission and gear oils. Thanks to this expertise, we were the first in Russia to launch specialized products for motorsports and heavy trucks, which invariably confirm their effectiveness in extreme operating conditions. "The 42nd international raid of Dakar 2020 in Saudi Arabia will last until January 17. The total length of the marathon is more than 7,000 km, of which 5,000 km are included in racing conditions in 12 special stages. Most of the route passes along a sandy route, including the "Empty Quarter" - the largest continuous area of ​​the sandy desert, known as the Rub-al-Khali desert.